Enterprise-Ready Platform as a Service

Built to deliver the highest standards of security and resilience, the Evari CloudStream platform will meet the exacting standards of your IT team.

User Authentication

Configurable Identity and Access Management capabilities that guarantee the right users have the right level of access to the right features, functions and data. Robust user authentication is technically complex and is one of the most critical data security elements of any new enterprise business application. Evari's approach to user authentication is encapsulated in a backend service coupled with a set of reusable Low-Code frontend microservices.

Phone / Email & Password
One-Time Code / Token


The Evari CloudStream platform uses our proprietary SecOps gateway to optimise these critical infrastructure operations:

Access Control
Ensures a client has the appropriate permissions needed to make requests and access data.
Session Security
Orchestrates and secures the transfer of data between front and backends.
Scaling & Load Balancing
Ensures serverless computing resources are automatically matched with demand.
Maximises performance through the temporary storage of frontend data payloads and public tokens.

Data Integrity

Evari CloudStream is an event-native platform that securely maintains an immutable log of timestamped event data. The platform can aggregate the event history to provide a snapshot of the data's state at any moment in time, and can trace data through the system to reveal everything that has happened over time.
This event-native approach to data has several advantages over traditional relational databases including:

Data Stability

Traditional relational databases rely on fixed schemas that need to be updated each time the business introduces new data points. Evari CloudStream has no rigid database schema so offers the business a highly flexible yet stable data architecture.

Reduced Risk
Designing, building and maintaining a relational database requires expensive resources, and each time a change is made, costly data migrations are required. Evari CloudStream's event-native approach to data storage allows prior data to be left untouched when system changes are implemented.

Robust & Resilient

The Evari CloudStream platform is inherently robust and resilient thanks to a serverless architecture that liberates development, deployment and operations from hardware issues, particularly through these key factors:

Removes single point of failure weaknesses, allows non-intrusive updates and better uptime.
All data is captured as immutable events safe from corruption risks due to multiple updates, deletions, etc.
Elastic Scalability
Built on the AWS serverless infrastructure, the platform flexes to handle heavy and bursty user loads.

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