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Whether you're looking to launch a new insurance business, or modernise your current business - Evari's insurance solutions offer everything you need to sell and administer insurance.

Why we're unique

Time to Market

Our clients have delivered complete end-to-end insurance solutions (including back-office portals) within a few weeks.

Easily Differentiate Your Products

Our clients stand out in the market because Evari CloudStream makes it easy to add unique differentiators to  insurance solutions.

Unprecedented Flexibility

The flexibility of Evari CloudStream allow our clients to rapidly adapt and respond to competitive markets.

Solutions for the Whole Insurance Industry

End-to-End Insurance Applications

Rate / Quote / Bind

Evari CloudStream platform has powerful Low-Code and No-Code tools that enable you to configure Forms, Rules and Workflows as well as integrate to external data sources and systems as required.

Giving you the ability to offer slick direct, broker intermediated or embedded channel user journeys and optimise your underwriting.

Flexible Omni Channel Digital Experiences
Data Ingestion & Augmentation
Straight Through, or Manually Underwritten
Advanced Real-Time Ratings Engine

Policy Administration

Providing a digital source of truth for each Quote, Policy and Claim, the Evari CloudStream platform is a modern and fully flexibly Policy Administration System with a record of every change over time.

Digital portals for Insureds, Brokers, Underwriters and Operational Staff provide access to configurable workflows to adjust (MTAs), renew or cancel policies plus manage documents and billing.

Portals - Customer, Broker, Underwriter
Policy Lifecycle Management
Document Management & Billing
Reporting & Compliance


Evari CloudStream includes access to customisable templates for fully automated policy renewal offers including email and SMS notifications so that business stakeholders can build, test and iterate responsive policy renewal workflows.

Customisable Template
Time Triggers
Branded Notifications
Rating & Pricing

Endorsements / Mid-Term Adjustments

Evari CloudStream includes access to customisable templates for policy endorsements with instant quotation and pro-rata re-pricing calculations, as well as automatic updates to payment instalment plans. MTA workflows can optionally ingest data from third party data sources for pricing and underwriting.

Digital MTA Journeys
Rates / Underwriting
Billing and Invoicing
Branded Notifications


Evari CloudStream includes access to customisable templates for policy cancellation with calculation of any refund due and automatic cancellation of payment instalment plans.

Cancellation Journeys
Refund Calculation
Branded Notifications
Payment Plan Cancellation


Evari CloudStream includes access to customisable templates for filing claims against a policy, as well as fully auditable claims registration and handling by back-office assessors, claims handling partners, underwriters, etc.

FNOL Journeys
Audit Trail
Branded Notifications
Claims Administration Tools

Ratings Engine

Business stakeholders can build, test and iterate sophisticated data-driven rating algorithms using human-readable Low-Code rule-based tools within the Evari CloudStream platform.

The event-native nature of our Ratings Engine means rules can be re-run, and portfolios can be easily re-rated for 'what-if' analysis.

Portfolio Re-Pricing
Clear Rule Syntax
Logic Visualisation

Document Management

Evari CloudStream allows insurance business stakeholders to create customisable and branded document templates with optional rules for hiding / showing different data, terms and paragraphs.

The platform also includes access to document and workflow templates for electronic filing and digital signing.

Dynamic Templates
Digital Signatures
Version History
Document Repository

Payments & Billing

Support for any payment gateways through workflow templates for setting up premium payments and instalment plans. Instalment plans are fully managed by the platform and presented to the customer as part of digital experiences. Branded and personalised invoices are issued automatically and linked with payment events. Customer payments made via integrated payment gateways are tracked and audited with configurable actions on missed or failed payments.

Integrate with Any Payment Gateway
Subscriptions and Instalment Plans
Invoice Management and Credit Control
Frontend Plugin Components

Reporting & Analytics

The Evari CloudStream platform has a powerful Data Aggregator feature that can be configured to generate data combinations of any shape. Since all transaction events are timestamped and captured by the platform, and events represent data, reports covering any aspect of the solution can be created ranging from financial data through to customer behaviour. Similarly, data scientists can pull down detailed data snapshots for time-based analysis of business performance.

Data Aggregator
Data "Shaping"
Reports & Bordereaux


Security is the highest priority so users can be confident that data access and security is fully compliant and configurable.
The Evari CloudStream platform is cloud-native and features enterprise grade scalability, resilience and security.

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ISO 27001
SOC 2®
Regular PenTest
Authentication Options

Branding & Customisation

User Interface
Quickly and easily add style elements like colours, images and logos to end-user facing pages.
Create impactful documents customised for individual end-users, branded with the insurer's or broker's logos.
Automatically generate personalised emails in response to end-user actions, policy lifecycle or time triggers.

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