Supporting the global
InsurTech Community

Got a great idea but need a helping hand? We want to assist the world's most inspiring InsurTech's
to launch the next generation of amazing new products, quickly, compliantly and with great user features.

Launch & grow faster
with Evari

Our SaaS platform is the complete package.
It empowers the next generation of insurance products - ones
that are easy to buy, easy to manage and flexible to changing needs.

Modular and highly configurable

We can integrate with your API's to give your
products the data-driven edge.

Parametric product features

Fully automatic insurance which has parametric product design features.

Cloud-based, modular and on-demand

Boost your products and add on-demand, dynamic
pricing in a cloud-based modular ecosystem.

Policy admin

Use our front-end to spin up a new branded environment to easily test your products fast, or BYO.

Distribution options
Policy Administration
Policy issuance
Underwriting rules
Compliance tools
Broker/Agent Portal
Payments/credit control
Third Party API integrations
...and more
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What are we looking for?

Insurance businesses that have great ideas but need great tech to get them off the ground.
We value your affiliation with insurtech organisations and industry peak bodies.

How does it work?

We are offering access to our platform to test and grow your products, live in market.

To help you launch we will provide introductory discounts and a credits scheme to get you into market quickly and compliantly so you can test and grow your portfolio in those crucial first six months.

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