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Front-End React Developer

Company description

Evari is a rapidly growing, and international award-winning FinTech/InsurTech scaleup with an innovative SaaS platform that is empowering insurance companies to efficiently digitise their products and services for the betterment of their clients and their shareholders.

Evari also has a division that uses this technology to pioneer the way that small businesses buy and manage insurance in Australia.

Job description

Evari are a Fintech/InsurTech business in need of some additional front-end web developers to help accelerate the build out the UI for some of our latest features as part of our enterprise platform as a service offering.   We’re doing something we think is extremely cool - building out a true end to end platform as a service solution with great UI/UX and enabling our clients around the world to digitse complex financial services products and bring them to market fast with great feature capabilities.  

Over the last four years we’ve developed a sophisticated event driven architecture that can handle the demanding requirements our clients have for seamless data integrations and high levels of product/solution configurability.  Our engineers tell us that they love working here because of the collaborative working culture, highly engaged and skilled team, the opportunity to work on demanding technical problems and work with a progressive architecture. You will be paired with one of our full-stack developers and will be responsible for working on UI's for things like user and account dashboards, billing and invoicing or product configuration portals.

As a Front-End Development specialist, you must have:

- React as a core skill along with high levels of Javascript knowledge;
- Good understanding of compliant HTML and CSS;
- Knowledge around web standards;
- Experience in UI design and interaction design; and
- Knowledge and experience with Micro Frontends and Web Components is also desirable.

We are a global team, predominantly working in Australian or UK timezones so you'd need to be online during those hours for collaborative online working as required.

Specifically, tasks will include pairing with one of our developers and picking up tasks off our Jira board, following designs in Figma and user flows mapped in Miro (we're an event sourced architecture).  Some of the work to start with will be to develop configuration scripts using the json structures that our backend architecture uses for configuring the services for e.g. insurance quote, claim submission, policy contract etc.  As you become confident with the configuration, we’d like you to build a front end over it so the configuration can be done via power users with all the necessary checks and balances to ensure the integrity of the configuration.

Evari has a team of around 16 engineers, most of which are full stack and predominantly working on the back-end services at the moment which is why we are looking for more dedicated front-end support.  We will also greatly value your input on UI/UX design, and you’d work with our designer based in Australia.

At the moment we’re all working remotely, and it’s likely this will continue during most of 2021.   All work is allocated and managed via Jira, we have someone that oversees what's being worked on and will be able to help give you guidance if needed, plus you'd start by pairing with one or two or our existing engineers.  We provide a laptop and use Slack and Zoom for collaboration and we expect a high level of engagement with the rest of the team.  There's a couple of weekly full team meetings at 9am UK time on Weds and Thurs that you need to join and outside if that we’re able to be quite flexible with working hours.

More info about the company / platform is available at and will be provided as the selection process progresses for the strongest candidates.We’re looking for people available to start immediately.

If this sounds like your dream role, we'd love to hear from you! 
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