We understand insurance, and digital

Insurers typically have an assortment of different policy administration systems, ratings engines, document management solutions, agent portals, online quote/bind platforms and claims systems.

Evari’s low+pro code application platform empowers enterprises to augment this existing application landscape, or replace their most complex business applications.  

Thanks to our comprehensive integrations and full lifecycle API management capabilities, Evari is well placed to be the beating heart and central nervous system underpinning your composable architecture strategy. 

Our clients use Evari’s insurance application as a core system for predominantly (but not exclusively) Property & Casualty business across all personal, commercial and speciality lines.

Solutions customised for your business

The deep insurance industry experience within the team means we understand your business and the challenges imposed by the regulatory frameworks in which you must operate.

When you license our insurance application you get a personalised application solution, powered by Evari’s platform and tailored for your business through it’s configuration to match your organizations overtime. The solution is modular, and capable to support the whole insurance lifecycle


  • Channel agnostic (embedded, online, broker)
  • Account clearance
  • Sanctions
  • Data ingestion / augmentation
  • Underwriting
  • Rating / pricing


  • Referrals and Delegated Authority
  • Subscription Payments
  • Document generation
  • Digital signatures
  • Issuance

Manage Policy / Portfolio

  • Customer and Agent/Broker portals
  • Endorsements
  • Pause policy
  • Manage invoices/payments
  • Document repository
  • Renewals
  • Reporting


  • FNOL
  • Claims management
  • Claim payments*

Example use cases

Intermediated P&C Commercial Lines, business pack and motor
  • Region: Australasia / North America
  • Class of business: Small and mid-market commercial, motor
  • Distribution: Agent/broker
  • Data sources: Multiple risk, rating and external data services
These insurers sell comprehensive business package insurance to small and medium sized businesses through several thousand registered brokers. The easy to use agent portals enable full rate / quote / bind and referrals management capabilities in compliance with local regulatory requirements.

These are complex products made simple and accessible. Further product offerings are now being added to expand coverages available along with opening up distribution to go direct online to small businesses too.
Direct personal lines cross sold products
  • Region: Australia
  • Class of business: Personal Lines
  • Distribution: Direct and via intermediaries
  • Data sources: Quote generation from lead data ingestions
This client sells add-on insurance in a heavily regulated environment that imposes a mandatory deferral period between sale of the primary product and it’s related insurance policy. Personalised quotes are automatically generated when data is sent from internal systems and a slick client experience follows where a client can securely login to claim and easily purchase their quote online, often via mobile.

The customer portal is fully featured with administrative functions to manage the policy and submit claims.
Intermediated personal Home
  • Region: North America
  • Class of business: Home and specialty DIC
  • Distribution: Broker portal
  • Data sources: Assortment of first and third party datasets
Selling products through both Admitted and Excess & Surplus line regimes, via agents, these products leverage extensive data integrations to simplify the quoting process - in one case just an address is all that is required to be returned a price thanks to the internal pricing algorithms use of extensive risk assessment data. Intricate state based regulatory disclosure requirements are handled with electronic filing and signature workflows.

The agent portal is fully featured with administrative functions to manage the policy and submit claims.