August 19, 2020

Evari takes 2nd place in the INSURY Magic of Innovation Awards 2020

INSURY Startup Award goes to….

On the 18th and 19th of August 2020 the 6th Insurance Innovation Day #MOI2020 "Magic of Innovation“ took place for the first time in the virtual world. Goal of the Event was to bring the newest innovation trends from all over the world to the digital world, to make the insurance industry ready for the digital future and to bring together futureoriented manager from all over the world.

The event initiator, Erika Krizsan, Managing Director of Insurance Factory said the focus of the event was, to bring innovative solutions, technological possibilities and futureoriented trends into the insurance industry.

Speakers from all over the world presented topics like robot-technologies, AI Revolution, tele-health insurance and brokerage. Also how will the European Insur-scene will look like in the future, innovation with Corporate Ventures and much more….

At the end of the first day the INSURY Startup Award was celebrated. All participants of the event had the possibilty to vote by Online-Voting.

The 2nd place of INSURY Starup Award was Evari from Australia.                                                            

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