Solutions for Other Industries

The Evari CloudStream platform provides a secure and flexible set of services for rapidly building all kinds of enterprise applications, across any industry.

Digital Transformation

The Evari CloudStream Platform provides application developers with a comprehensive set of powerful backend and frontend services designed to get your information industry applications to market quickly and reliably. Increase the value you deliver to customers and users through innovation, improved efficiency and seamless customer experiences.

Incremental Transformation
Greenfield Transformation
Channel Agnostic

Unlock Data

The Evari CloudStream Platform is built round an event-native architecture capturing and storing every event in structures that enable it to be leveraged as data. The absence of a conventional fixed schema database results in greater flexibility because applications can easily evolve data models by introducing new data points, etc., without the need for complex database refactoring and migration.

Persisted Data

Easy Integrations

Linking modern and legacy systems allows organisations to unlock the value of data trapped in silos. Evari CloudStream allows business stakeholders to build seamless workflows involving integrated information, processes, and data. Configuration based integration and data mapping enables rapid, protocol-agnostic connection to any third-party API allowing real-time data feeds in support of operations such as analytics and ML / AI strategies.

No-Code & Low-Code Tools
Data Mapping
Composable Architecture

User Experience

The Evari CloudStream Platform allows user interfaces to be designed and built incrementally and with the flexibility needed to respond rapidly to market feedback. The platform's event-native data architecture means that data collection and display in the user interface is no longer tightly coupled to database schemas giving much greater flexibility. In addition, because every user interaction is logged, rich data is available for usability analysis, user experience optimisation, etc.

Rapid Prototypes
Fast Time to Market
Responsive UX
UI Accessibility

Process Automation

The Evari CloudStream Platform features a powerful workflow process engine with rule based logic that allows complex manual processes to be automated quickly and easily using configurations. No-Code and Low-Code graphical tools are included with the platform for drag-and-drop building and visualisation of complex workflows, pricing engines, underwriting logic, etc. Workflow integration with third-party data sources allows the Evari CloudStream platform to provide the hub for Composable Architectures.

Sophisticated Workflows
No-Code & Low-Code Tools
Rules Engine

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