Digital Workspaces for Data Collection and Collaboration

Digitize your business processes to align with how you manage your business.

Refocus your team on value creation, stop investing in low value tasks

Focus staff on value creation

Allow your staff to focus on what they do best by digitizing your business processes. Avoid  manual processes.

Leverage your data

Surface the right information at the right time, integrate your data to put it to work. Maximize decision making processes and outcomes.

Collaborate efficiently

Use data from multiple people and sources, view and comment. Boost team productivity.

Automate decisioning

Enhance user experience, underwriting and pricing with a powerful rule engine. Minimize manual processes.

Companies serious about focusing their team on value creation use Evari

Are you trying to figure out how to drive growth without investing lots of money and time into something new? Don't worry we've helped companies like you across North America, Europe and Asia Pacific do this.

MGA saw 400% premium growth

  • Goal was to surface the right data to the rapidly growing underwriting team, so they could manage complicated risks as quickly as possibly, while automating other steps
  • In 3 months, Evari worked with the MGA to add thousands of pieces of complex business logic, including: pricing, underwriting, role permissions, external data sources, and full policy lifecycle management
  • All processes were specifically designed and configured for the business' needs, and how the MGA needed to function to sustain its high growth rate

Automated handling of agent onboarding to enable a small team to grow distribution

  • A small brand with a niche offering needed to utilize all its resources as efficiently as possible
  • Evari created a new workspace to streamline the onboarding of agents to increase product distribution
  • Evari created a process to facilitate: agent self registration, information collection, application review and approval, and submission to the CRM system

Innovative marketing process created with automatic quoting

  • Getting noticed in a new market isn't easy, which makes innovative marketing strategies to increase new product awareness very important
  • Evari worked with clients to develop and implement an automated custom quoting process. This process generated a unique, tailored quote for each company contact, and delivered it directly to them
  • This new process increased product awareness and shortened the sales cycle

Automated and bespoke end-to-end business process

  • Often business processes are developed over many years and can be very bespoke to the use cases they are built to support
  • The bespoke nature of these business processes makes Evari the ideal software to streamline and digitize processes. Evari's software can be easily configured to meet the needs of, and improve the processes required to efficiently run businesses

Unlock business value quickly and easily with customizable solutions for your unique needs

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Evari's enterprise solutions work with existing systems, minimizing disruption and maximising value. Unlock value in specific areas, and use it as you grow.

Unlock value by addressing common pain points

Performing lots of manual workfows? 

We provide automated custom workflows to work with your existing business processes.

Reviewing everything to check it meets your decision criteria?

We provide automated decisioning, so you can focus on the exceptions.

Entire programs and processes manual?

Our configurable software makes these fully digital without code and long development cycles.

Not able to use your data?

Surface and re-use data you already have captured to streamline business operations and drive efficiency and customer experience.

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