Event-native enterprise platform for mission critical applications

Whether you're an insurer, a lender or almost any other type of business - we optimize your investment in digital by improving time to value and making it possible to deliver all the features and experiences that your clients, partners and internal teams have dreamed of.

"Evari's platform helps us quickly launch new products and leverage data
in ways that positively differentiate our distribution and underwriting capabilities."

patrick blandford, CEO, wnc insurance services

Events are a better way to run your business applications

For several years now the benefits of event orientation and event streams have been gaining traction within enterprise organisations with the adoption of technologies like Apache Kafka. Enterprise IT teams have been leveraging events to flow data between applications and to their data layer, giving them more ability to use previously siloed data.

With Evari’s platform you’re able to take this to the next level driving entire applications through events rather than a traditional three tier architecture with relational database tables at the core. This empowers your business teams to build and configure event-native applications for complex business use cases, and allows your developers to extend functions, hook into the data stream, and embed solutions into your distribution channels. 

You can build platforms for insurance (InsureTech), lending (LendTech), regulatory compliance (RegTech), legal (LegalTech), property (PropTech)  etc.  In short you bring any industry, and we’ll supply the ‘Tech’.

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Flexible changing needs

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Not just another low-code platform

Events, Low & Pro Code

Our platform is easily extensible by pro-developers, with low-code tools helping to make pro-developers' lives easier by making it possible for business teams to capture their requirements as configuration settings.

  • Realtime data stream for all events
  • Workflows modeled around business events
  • Distributed Micro-Frontends
  • Cloud Native, single tenant PaaS
  • ...and more!
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Scalable insurance and insuretech solutions

Solutions for large and startup scale insurance companies

Demonstrating the platform's applicability for core business critical applications in complex industries; our solutions team used the platform to build a fully configurable modularised application specifically for insurance distribution and core policy administration use cases. 

  • Digital product design and expertise
  • Templates for full policy lifecycle
  • Straight-through processing
  • We understand insurance (c-suite & digital MGAs)
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